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Bringing Durability and Affordability Together in Hand Crafted Products

Rugged Rose Creations is a Michigan based family operated company.  We’re committed to not only providing quality rugged products, but going above and beyond to ensure our customers are completely satisfied. We welcome you to look through our site to see all we have to offer.

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The Rugged Rose RipStop Tail bag


All seams double stitched with heavy duty outdoor upholstery thread with an added extra layer of material at the bottom most wear point, extending the life of the bags.

These are not your average tail bags that fall apart at the seams or get holes and only last a few weeks. They are made to be rugged and take the many abuses horse farms have to offer, yet our bags cost the same as comparable bags.

(available in 19 colors with or without fly-swatter)


Rugged Rose Products


Rugged Rose Creations Resin Art

Designer Jewelry, Key Chains, Book Marks, and Much More

Rugged Rose Creations is proud to showcase our full product inventory, including our customer favorites. Browse below to get a better idea of what we have to offer. Are you having trouble deciding on a purchase? Give us a call, one of us will be happy to lend you a hand and answer any questions you may have.

Resin Art

Resin Art Jewlery

Resin Bookmarks, Keychains

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Rugged Rose Tail Bags

Training of Foals

The Benefits of a Tail Bag

1. They protect your horse’s tail from dirt and debris. My horse always manages to pick up burrs and branches in his tail… this is not an issue when he wears a tail bag!

2. They keep your horse’s tail from getting knotted and tangled. Wind knots are fairly common and can be a pain to remove, removing hair with them!

3. They keep your horse from stepping on their tail. If you do reining or a similar event, you know that this can be an issue when a horse stops hard.

4. They prevent breakage. With a tail bag, you can avoid excessive brushing that pulls out hair and can thin out your horse’s tail.

5. They save you time. When you keep your horse’s tail in a tail bag, you only need to brush it out after washing it and before rebraiding.

Horse Legs

How to Apply a Tail Bag

1. Wash your horse’s tail with shampoo. Rinse, apply conditioner, then rinse again. You may also consider a leave-in conditioner.

2. Brush out your horse’s tail and let it dry.

3. Find the end of the tail bone. Divide the hair evenly into three sections to braid it securely downwards.

4. Braid down the tail as far as you can go. Tie it with two or three braiding bands, or one “human” hair elastic (I tend to prefer these for thicker tails)!

5. Insert the braid into your tail bag.

6. Pull the bag up to the base of the tail bone, where your braid starts. Create an opening in the hair near the top of the braid and feed the bag’s Velcro tab through it.

7. Attaching it to the other Velcro side around the top of the braid. This is where it’s important to check and make sure that you are below the tail bone.

8. As with any tail bag, please be sure of proper fit and inspect and maintain as needed. 


If you’re interested in learning more about our services, simply get in touch.

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